What Hollywood’s Biggest Names Have Said About Guns

Gun control is a contentious issue in the United States. Mass shootings provoke conversations about whether the country should have tighter gun laws, but nothing seems to change.
In a presidential election year, though, an issue like gun control is even more important. In Refinery29's Vote Your Values poll, conducted with ABC News, 11% of millennial women listed gun rights as the most important issue in this election out of topics polled.
Gun rights might be a controversial topic, but that hasn't stopped celebrities from sharing their opinions about it. Many celebrities have spoken out in support of tighter gun-control legislation. And, of those who support the right to bear arms, some still want heavier restrictions on gun sales and ownership. There are also a number of celebrities who have admitted they feel safer with guns in their homes — like Brad Pitt, for instance.

Click through to see what some of Hollywood's biggest names have said about the gun debate. We'll be updating this list with more celebrities' opinions, so be sure to check back as the election season continues.

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