If Famous Artwork Was Titled By Millennials

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Blending old-world art with today's technology sounds like it wouldn't work out, just like saying millennials can be art connoisseurs. Most people would roll their eyes. Baby boomers would scoff and say, "You don't know how to appreciate art, 'cause you're always on your phones!"

Well, they would be wrong. While the younger gen (let's say from 18 to 24) does spend more than 30 hours per month on social media, a survey from Invaluable shows that in addition to apps like Instagram serving as a prime selfie platform, they also promotes our interest in art. Nearly half of social media users in that age range used social media to find new art online.

So, even though we aren't lined up in front of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art or the Metropolitan Museum of Art every day after school or work, we are still thinking about art and incorporating it into our lives in different ways. Not only do we love and appreciate art, but we love and appreciate it in new ways. We want to see the art, but add our twist to it; we want to make it more relatable, more modern, and more us. How, you say? Multiple accounts on Instagram and Tumblr have embodied this new wave of museum-goer.

In honor of International Museum Day on May 18, we rounded up the some artwork that will serve as major inspiration — or at least make you laugh. It may just inspire you to go to a museum and make your own custom millennial artwork.

We curated pieces from the social media accounts doing it best — Art History Snap, Art History's Burn Book, Texts From Your Existentialist, and LACMA.

Analyzing classical art through the lens of a millennial? See mom, I told you I'd use my art history minor one day!

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