There's Now A Weed Subscription Box For Every Kind Of Stoner

Photo: Courtesy of Nug Run.
Your Birchbox is about to get a very chill makeover: There are now subscription boxes that send out products infused with weed. And some companies believe the boxes may be the key to changing our tired stereotypes about stoners.

Although subscription boxes may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about changing those stereotypes, the concept does make a fair amount of sense. We already accept these boxes as venues for both beginners and experts to try out ultra-curated and personalized products at lower costs. In this way, they seem like the perfect method for shifting the perception of cannabis away from that of a scary illegal drug for slackers — and towards that of a versatile lifestyle item like supplements, geek gear, or bath products.

The idea of a pot subscription box certainly isn't new. But, due to restrictive federal scheduling laws, boxes that currently ship across the country can only send weed-related gear (high-quality pipes, grinders, snacks, and merch). However, we're starting to see more and more boxes that also ship actual weed products where it's legal, opening the possibilities for a highly personalized weed experience delivered right to your door. Unlike Nancy, a weed subscription box we've covered in the past, these ones contain actual pot and pot-infused products (a.k.a. the good stuff).

Frustrated with bite-sized samples found in Birchbox-like subscriptions, ClubM founder and CEO Chris Husong went big and luxurious with his boxes. In addition to full-sized products, each monthly themed box comes with a letter to direct your experience — kind of like setting an intention at the start of a meditation — and a curated Soundcloud playlist. "I wanted to put a box out that felt higher-end, substantial, worthwhile," he says. "There’s some real thought put into what we send."

We want to reclaim cannabis and help people be proud to receive it.

Chris Husong
In fact, the music is a huge part of Husong's plans for ClubM. Since breaking into the weed business, he says he's been inspired by how many artists and musicians credit their creativity to pot — and troubled by how embarrassed people are to admit that they partake. "It feels like most of the people that I speak to use cannabis, but they don’t want their friends or their boss to know," he says. "We want to reclaim cannabis and help people be proud to receive [it]." So part of his plan for the future is to use the playlists to expose ClubM members to independent artists and, eventually, to work with universities to make it easier for more people to study music and art.

Nick Ocampo, founder of Nug Run, came at the subscription model from a different angle. With a background in food and an appreciation for craft beer and coffee, Ocampo says he came up with the idea for his company while talking about terpenes with some foodie friends."[Terpenes give] beer its flavor, and hops are the cousin of cannabis," he explains. "What you're enjoying in a citrus-y IPA is the same type of thing that would make a lemon kush appealing."

So, of course, Nug Run's defining factor is that its products are artisanal and locally sourced. For instance, Ocampo consulted a tea sommelier — a real thing that exists — for help with a sleep-themed box built around lemon-chamomile tea and indica-infused honey. And he worked with Whoopi and Maya to create a "Treat Yo Self" box aimed at women. It was packed with pampering goodies, including bath salts infused with the non-psychoactive weed compound cannabidiol (CBD), sipping cocoa, and two pre-rolled joints to enjoy with a partner. Perhaps it's no surprise that Ocampo says each box requires months of research and planning.
Photo: Courtesy of ClubM.
But unlike ClubM, Ocampo's inspiration is a little more personal. He says he never used marijuana illegally, but a few years back, he was struggling with depression and got a medical marijuana license — and things changed very quickly. "I had the most successful year of my life," he says. Within a year, he came up with the idea for Nug Run, got his health back on track, and met his wife — the two are now expecting a child. And how does he think he accomplished all of this? "Cannabis helps you turn the mirror on yourself," Ocampo says.

Both ClubM and Nug Run are contained within California, and only those with medical marijuana licenses can receive the boxes. If you're in Cali but don't have a card, the boxes both work with Hello MD, a company that can set you up with a doctor via video chat and get you registered within minutes.

These are just a couple of our favorites, but like we said, there are other weed subscription boxes out there. So, if you can, go ahead and add these to your wish list. And if you indulge a little too much, we've got your back.
Refinery29 in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more click here.

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