32 Gifts For Every Type Of Stoner In Your Life

This article was originally published on December 1, 2015.
If you haven't already noticed, marijuana use has doubled in the U.S. since 2001. So this holiday season, you're more likely than ever before to be buying a gift for someone who enjoys weed. Luckily, that rise in acceptance means there's a huge selection of great pot-related items out there for you to gift.
Some stoners just want to hang out at home, in their favorite sweatshirt, for as long as possible. Others can't wait to get out into nature and enjoy the vibes. While all of your weed-enthused friends might share some characteristics, no two stoners are really the same. So we've compiled everything you need to make them all happy this year. Once you've got 'em covered, it's time to chill out and enjoy the season. Hopefully, your stoner friends will be in a sharing mood.
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The Trendsetter: These friends aren't satisfied with black-light Rasta posters. They want everything in their life to be beautiful, even their weed paraphernalia.

This minimalist poster, outlining the history of cannabis as a medicine, will fit the bill nicely.
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Even if they've never read an issue of High Times, they'll wear these gloves with pride.
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Gift them the cutest little pot leaves we’ve ever seen.
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Perfect for rolling the most special of joints.
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Display your wares on this earthy cutting board. It can also be used as a rolling surface.
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With this pin set, you might just get a gift, too.
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This is not your average pipe.
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Every stylish stoner needs a patch like this one.
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The sexiest, chicest lighter that you will ever find.
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This cute bag fits pretty much any vape pen within smell-proof fabric.
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The On-The-Go Stoner: These folks appreciate anything that helps them go where they need to, when they need to, without sacrificing their favorite pastime.

This beautifully crafted pouch will keep everything in its place, even when everything else gets crazy.
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The perfect way to punch up any jacket. For an even bigger statement, there’s an even bigger patch.
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A bright, floral, and fruity scent with — yep — patchouli notes. There are candle options available, too, for when she’d rather stay in one place.
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No busy girl is ever happy without a pair of good-sounding-yet-easily-stashable headphones. And may we suggest this stoner-metal classic to go with them?
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Perfect for a stoner with a packed schedule. For a cheaper option, you can grab the one-hitter for $30.
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The Scientist: This stoner looks for high-tech options and won't let any details go by.

An excellent grinder that comes in multiple colors.
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This handy little thing was created specifically to use with Grenco Science vapes, but it could be the perfect tool to fix/clean/whatever almost any smoking implement.
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Remember those old-school View-Masters? Well, they just got a major upgrade: virtual reality. The VR starter pack is the perfect thing to blow your mad scientist’s mind.
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The beautiful PAX 2 can be used with all of your favorite loose leaf.
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Your mad scientist may think she knows everything there is to know about this little herb, but we’d bet she’ll learn something new from this beautiful new guide.
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The Mega Chiller: This friend always has the absolute comfiest stuff in her apartment.

As for this giant bean bag? Nope, not leaving.
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A pretty little pipe with a classic design and a smooth, matte finish.
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Stay cozy — even if you have to leave the apartment.
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This elevated tray is perfect for stretching out and sharing.
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This beautiful four-piece grinder is made from luxurious-yet-sustainable black walnut wood.
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Help her get more creative with the munchies.
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The Adventurer: This person is always ready to head to the wilderness to appreciate what nature has to offer.

While you’re out there in the wild, take a minute to look up.
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This Summit vaporizer was created specifically for the outdoorsy among us.
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Stay toasty with this classic camping blanket.
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The rugged, odor-proof Safety Case is built for all of your adventures.
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Don’t forget the tunes! These Bluetooth speakers will go anywhere with you.
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Even when you’re home, you and your adventurer can enjoy the wonders of the outdoors.
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