We Found Naomi Campbell’s Soft Side Under All That Shade

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy.
When it comes to throwing shade, there's no one better than Naomi Campbell. With the exception of the late Dorian Corey of Paris Is Burning, the act of throwing shade has basically been perfected by the supermodel. But being shady doesn't make someone a bad person, just a truth teller — a fairy godmother of sorts. Some cold, hard truths are colder than others, but there's almost always wisdom hidden beneath it.

If you've documented Campell's career as closely as we have, you've seen her grace magazines, television shows, movies, charities, and more to become one of the most experienced models of our time. All of that, in turn, means there's much more to her than the rumors we've heard, or the personas we see on The Face and Empire — untold wisdom, really.

In the slideshow ahead, find Naomi's sweeter side in the form of wisdom she generously shares at every chance. Underneath the check-your-lipsticks and the you're-an-idiots, it's in there.

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