Jennifer Lawrence Just Changed Her Hair Color

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Stop the presses (read: web posts) immediately — Jennifer Lawrence just changed her hair color to an even more icy-blonde blonde. The 25-year-old debuted her new look today at CinemaCon 2016, where she's promoting her new film, Passengers. (Side note: Her locks were styled with slight waves and a hair tuck that you need to see from the back.)

Riawna Capri
, JLawr's longtime hairstylist is the colorist behind the look — and Lawrence's last bout with a similar platinum blonde hue back in November, for the record. Not that you really need us to confirm that fact: This is Capri's signature not-quite-white, not-quite-blonde color she has given Julianne Hough and rocks herself, too. "I love love love icy blondes right now," Capri told us. "The paleness of the ice next to a darker brow is my favorite." She notes that it's Olaplex that allows her to take clients to such a light level. "We can really push the limits of being able to go lighter without damaging the hair." Want to try Capri's signature shade? Bring in a picture, obviously, and then stock your shower with a tinted shampoo. "With all the purple shampoos out there, maintaining the icy hue is easier than ever," Capri told us, noting that her pick is Unite's Blonda. Kristen Stewart also went down the platinum blonde path this week, so it looks like a mini blonde bug is flying around Hollywood as of late. We'll just have to wait and see who the next celeb to get stung is... Related Links:
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