How To Use Snapchat's Newest (& Insanely Fun) Video Feature

Just when you thought Snapchat's face swaps were its best feature, the app rolled out a new — arguably even more fun — trick in its latest update.
Starting today, you can add one or more emoji to your video snaps. Just push and hold on an emoji to get it to stick to an object or location in your video. But here's where the magic comes in: When you attach a sticker to an object, the emoji will automatically move, rotate, and scale with that object, the same way the app's photo-swapping and face filters do.

Planes can fly! Sneakers can run! Surfers can ride the waves! The options for silliness are endless. The feature is totally addictive and a cool look at where augmented reality is headed.

Click through to check out a sampling of the fun options. And don't stress if you don't have the update quite yet; it started rolling out to Android users at noon today, and iOS users will get it shortly.

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