I Cooked Like Gwyneth Paltrow & Here’s What Happened

When I read that Gwyneth Paltrow was coming out with a new cookbook titled It’s All Easy, I cringed. It’s not because I don’t love Gwyneth — I really do! It’s just that, well, sometimes her version of what is doable is not realistic for the rest of us. I mean, remember all the flack she got for her last cookbook? It was even hard to read!
Was Gwyneth’s version of “easy” going to be another chance for the press to mercilessly slam her? I really hoped not. Then I got the press release, and I got even more worried, because it promised that the 125 recipes in the book could be made in “the time it would take to order takeout.” This sounded like a big promise to me. But my competitive side also saw the seed of a challenge being planted (and I love a challenge). I decided to pick up Gwyneth’s gauntlet, and see if her recipes really could be made in less time than it took to order from a delivery app and have a hot meal show up at my door.
Click through to see who won the three-day challenge — Gwyneth Paltrow vs. NYC delivery.

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