Sex And The City Author Candace Bushnell Wishes She Ended Up With The Real Mr. Big

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Candace Bushnell is best known as the author of Sex and the City. The show started as a column in the New York Observer, then became a book before becoming the iconic HBO series. Bushnell teamed up with Cosmopolitan to answer some reader questions, including how Tinder made her believe in love, how the pseudonym Carrie Bradshaw came about, and a lot of relationship advice. The appearance was in support of a paperback edition of her novel Killing Monica. Here are some SATC highlights: A reader asked if Carrie should have gotten back with Mr. Big in real life. “We just had to see Carrie and Big get married in the end,” Bushnell says. “But in real life you have to be pretty cautious about it.” Many have speculated that Carrie should have married the more conservative Aidan Shaw. Bushnell put those rumors to bed. “My mother hated Aidan,” Bushnell says. “Every time Aidan came on, she would say, ‘[Carrie]’s gotta get back with Mr. Big! She’s gotta get back with Mr. Big! I just can’t stand that Aidan character.’ I kept saying, ‘Mom, it’s not up to me. It’s up to the writers.’ If she had ended up with Aidan, that could have been ok I think.” The characters, Bushnell says, have gone on to lead lives of varying degrees of success. “Mr. Big lost his job, because he was middle aged,” Bushnell says, referring to a series of magazine purges that resulted in many top editors becoming unemployed. “Carrie would be taking up the slack. She would be working harder than ever and she would probably be supporting Mr. Big. Samantha, I don’t know, would be mayor of New York. Something like that. Miranda would probably be advocating on the part of women and their rights on social media. That sort of thing. Charlotte’s kids would probably still be in school. She would probably be on the board of the school as well.” Bushnell would love to see a third Sex and the City movie, which probably won't happen “because Mr. Big said no.” She allowed that the movie could start out with his death. Watch the whole thing to discover the fate of the real Mr. Big and why Bushnell wishes she had ended up with him. Or just skip to the end. We won’t check if you cheated.

Ask Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City and Killing Monica, your relationship questions ~live~ now!

Posted by Cosmopolitan on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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