Amy Schumer Just Called Out A Major Magazine For Labeling Her “Plus Size”

Comedian Amy Schumer just called out Glamour magazine for including her in a list of plus size women such as Melissa McCarthy, Adele, and Ashley Graham. Schumer was mentioned on the cover of Glamour's "Chic At Any Size" special edition, which is billed as "created specifically for women with curves" and is targeted toward sizes 12 and up. "I think there's nothing wrong with being plus size. Beautiful healthy women. Plus size is considered size 16 in America. I go between a size 6 and an 8. @glamourmag put me in their plus size only issue without asking or letting me know and it doesn't feel right to me," Schumer wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday morning. "Young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size? What are your thoughts? Mine are not cool glamour not glamourous." The comedian actually has a mostly-positive history with Glamour when it comes to body image. Last year, Schumer spoke to the magazine about the topic, saying, "For women, we’re taught to eat less until we disappear. And trained to believe that if you don’t look like everyone else, then you’re unlovable." And Glamour UK honored Schumer with a Trailblazer Award in 2015 at its Women of The Year event. At the time, Schumer made news for joking that, “I’m probably like 160 pounds right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want, like, that’s the truth." Schumer shot to fame in part for being outspoken, in her comedy and online, about the media's portrayal of female bodies — such as the unfounded notion that a size 6 is "plus size." "Amy Schumer is a prime example of the fact that we need more inclusive body representation across the board — all sizes, all shapes," Kelsey Miller, Refinery29 Anti-Diet Project blogger and author of Big Girl, said in an email. She added, "Both media creators and consumers don't know what do to with a size 6-8, so they call them plus sized. Right now, thin is the normative representation in media, which, of course, is not reflective of what's normative in reality. In reality, body diversity is normal. We just don't value it as such." Glamour's editor-in-chief Cindi Leive responded via Twitter, saying, "We love Amy Schumer, & would never want to offend her. To be clear, @glamourmag special edition never called her plus-size."
Leive clarified that Schumer's story was included in the special issue because Glamour editors hoped it would be inspiring to readers size 12 and up, and added that Schumer's "longtime message of body positivity—& talking back to body haters—IS inspiring. (To me, too!)"

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