Amy Schumer & Kelly Clarkson Bonded Over Being Body-Shamed

Amy Schumer has never been shy about shutting down body-shamers. But when she took a dig at The Daily Mail for making her lunch into a headline, she found she had a fellow celeb on her side. Schumer tweeted out a Daily Mail article from March 4, which declared that she "wolfs down [a] ham sandwich between takes." She poked fun at the write-up, tweeting, "No! It was prosciutto from @defontesBrklyn I'm no sucka also that was a great joke! Love chava bracha."
Kelly Clarkson, who has faced body-shaming herself in the past, responded with a photo someone had taken of her eating a hot dog on the beach, writing, "I think we all have a 'stuffing our face' pic & mine was in a bathing suit #winning."
Schumer took a shot at anyone trying to make a woman enjoying something to eat into a newsworthy photo, tweeting back, "so much love for this shot! #journalism."
Schumer has often made jokes about how her body is talked about in the media. When accepting the MVP Award at the 2016 Critic's Choice Awards, she called herself a "plus, plus-size actress," but also had a pointed jab for the industry, saying, "If you're an actress and have this area right here [pointing at her stomach], you have to write your own stuff if you want to get it made."

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