Our Favorite April Fools’ Day Gags

April Fools' Day might strike you as a throwaway holiday, but for many companies, it's a chance to imagine fun twists on their best selling products. And whether you appreciate that tradition or not, you have to admit — it's pretty funny.
This year definitely did not disappoint. While some of the creations are too crazy to ever actually exist, there are many that we would love to see in production. Hey, if Nike can really create Back to the Future's self-lacing sneakers, some of these should be possible, right?
As usual, Google went all out with the product fakes today. (Unfortunately, the company already ended one of its pranks, a fake Gmail feature, because people did not find it funny. At all.)
But plenty of other companies got in on the action, too. From apps to gadgets and even clothes, read on for our favorite tech-y gags in honor of April 1.
We'll be updating this post throughout the day with our favorite online pranks.

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