Is This What Kimye’s New House Looks Like & Why Is There Only One Couch?

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/French Select/Getty Images.
Welcome to Bel-Air, Kimye!

At least for the time being.

After months of living with Kris Jenner, it seems the West fam — Kim, Kanye, North, and Saint — has finally, albeit temporarily, moved into their Bel-Air mansion to kill some time before they move into their Hidden Hills mansion.

The family is slated to move into the Hidden Hills home once construction is finished. It also happens to be conveniently close to Kris because who doesn't love a free babysitter?

Kanye tweeted a picture of what looks to be their foyer with the caption, "feels good to be home."

From the dimly lit photo we can see a large white table filled with flower bouquets, presumably house-warming arrangements, and behind that a modest-sized living room with a couch.

Wait, that's weird, right? One couch. Just one? That surely can't be right. There must be another living room somewhere, and considering that the couple is already planning on selling the mansion for a cool $20 million, there is probably enough space to have an entire room dedicated to just couches if they pleased. Are they trying to be artsy with that set-up? Then again, maybe Kanye is a minimalist when it comes to interior design.

In the room with the lone piece of furniture, there is also a large painting on the wall which also provides the sole source of color in the otherwise cream-colored space. It looks like it has a rough sketch of a skeleton on it (could that be the visual source for the same skeletons North is protecting Kim from...) and a couple other abstract designs.

Kim also shared a quick Snapchat of the space, explaining who sent them all flowers, and calling herself "the luckiest girl in the world."

Or, maybe Kanye was just tweeting a line from his 2006 song, "Touch The Sky?" Either way he is most definitely feeling on top of the world.

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