North West Protects Kim Kardashian From Skeletons While Dressed As A Lady Bug

North West seems to have overcome her fear of Snapchat, based on the looks of Kim Kardashian's latest videos. The 2-year-old appeared in a couple of her mom's latest uploads, dressed in a lady bug costume and ready to ward off unwanted skeletons. Lady bugs do bring good luck after all.

Kardashian asks if the skeletons are nice, and North confirms that yes, they are. North must be learning a thing or two from hanging out on so many beauty shoots, because she's also seen braiding her mom's hair. North stays true to her favorite film and key inspiration, choosing to re-create an "Anna braid," as she says. Yes, that would be Princess Anna from Frozen.


Although Kardashian may be safe thanks to North, we're pretty sure Kim's look from later in the night will give us nightmares.

That and the idea of Kimye alien sex.


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