Gigi Hadid Explains How She & Kendall Jenner Are Related

Matteo Prandoni/
We’ve probably all wished, at some point or another, that we were related to our best friends. We already want to spend all of our time with them, couldn’t they just come to our family dinners? And couldn’t our family be their family? Also, if your “best friend” is your sister or brother, you need to get out more. “You know how in highschool or middle school, you want your best friend to marry your sibling so you have the same last name?” Gigi tells Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg. “That’s what happened with me and Kendall but we didn’t have to ask.” Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are living that fantasy, as well as all the other fantasies that they’re living. The superfriends, who swapped hair with Balmain’s help, are indeed related. Kind of. Gigi broke down exactly how it’s true: 1. Gigi Hadid was born to Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid. Yolanda married David Foster in 2011. 2. David had been married to Linda Thompson from 1991 until 2005. 3. Thompson is Caitlyn Jenner’s ex-wife, they divorced in 1986. 4. Caitlyn married Kris Jenner in 1991. 5. Kendall Jenner was born to Caitlyn and Kris Jenner. So, technically, although they share no blood in common and have never been in the same family at the same time, they are ex-step siblings. Does that make sense? No? OK, we’ll let Gigi explain...

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