Justin Bieber’s Tour Merchandise Looks A Lot Like Vetements

In news that isn't so shocking, Justin Bieber has officially pulled a Kanye, creating a line of merchandise for his upcoming Purpose tour that will likely have Yeezy-wearing fuccbois and Supreme cult-followers camping out for days. On Wednesday, the singer's camp gave Complex an exclusive sneak peek of the hoodies, long-sleeved tees, and crewneck sweatshirts (among many other streetwear items) that will be sold both online (though the reported website is currently not active) and at concert stops along the way. "We wanted to obviously continue to communicate to JB's core fan base, but also appeal to his new followers," an unnamed source told Complex. "We wanted to make something they would wear, and stuff [Justin] would wear, too. We believe JB's story of redemption and purpose is bigger than what's happening currently in culture, and we wanted to create something that would complement his message." If you think the offerings look oddly familiar, you're not wrong. Keeping in tune with Bieber's sartorial aesthetic, the goods resemble the now insanely popular French label Vetements, with its oversized silhouettes, text-printed sleeves, and Thrasher-esque fonts. In fact, the black sweatshirt that reads "World Tour" in red-pink lettering looks particular similar to...
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music Group.
...the brand's $885 "Coming Soon" hoodie, which features a young Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet from Titanic (and which sold out immediately after the former took home his first Academy Award).
Photo: Courtesy of MatchesFashion.
Given the insane popularity and buzz that's currently centered around Vetements (and given The Biebs' own obsession with expensive hoodies), it's no surprise that he'd pull "inspiration" from the brand's recent collections to sell to his fans. Plus, it seems like the love the Canadian pop star has for the brand's designer Demna Gvasalia may be mutual: Just last week, the Vetements fall/winter 2016 show featured a printed sweatshirt that read, "justin4ever." Speculation (including our own) says it's a potential love letter to Beliebers everywhere, though that's yet to be confirmed by Gvasalia himself.
Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music Group.
All guesses aside, there's no doubt that these goods are going to end up on eBay with a 10-times-the-price markup, not unlike West's Yeezus tour merchandise, which pretty much sold out and doubled in price online overnight. So if you're a high-fashion Belieber (or just a hardcore fan), we recommend refreshing the merch site all day long, since there's no word on when these fresh-off-the-runway-style goods will officially drop. Leave it to Bieber to have us on our toes, all for a damn black hoodie.

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