Gwyneth Paltrow & Jimmy Fallon Ate Goop On The Tonight Show

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop skin-care line is eating up her time these days literally. The six-piece collection can be slathered on dirty faces and, apparently, digested by human stomachs. It is that natural. The organic food maven tested it out as a condiment on The Tonight Show with her willing conspirator, Jimmy Fallon.

"All the preservatives [in the Goop skin-care line] are food-grade preservatives, organic food-grade," she said. Goop's website boasts a number of edible ingredients in the skin-care products, including aloe, apple, lemon, and grape juices. They're also loaded with vitamin C. Since the products contain items that line refrigerator shelves, why not eat them? "You could eat it, technically, if you wanted to," Paltrow confirmed. "You want some? It's so delicious!" The host is game, but with one condition: Goop must be eaten with Mickey D's delicious French fries. The taste test commences, though both ditch the fries and the Goop after one bite. "It's not bad!" Fallon proclaims as the tosses the fry behind his desk. Paltrow agrees, laughingly calling the bizarre taste "somewhere between ranch and bath soap." Goop is the 43-year-old's "24/7 focus right now," according to a Today show interview on March 4. She's even dumped acting for the time being to focus on making every "person with skin" glow.

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