Kate Winslet's Oscars Appearance Has Sparked An Annoying Rumor

Three top actresses have a huddle during the Oscars. They all look excited and one happens to place her hand on her friend's stomach. The internet catches wind of this and sure enough, tongues are wagging that the woman with the stomach must be pregnant.

The women in question were Brie Larson, Cate Blanchett, and Kate Winslet, who were spied catching up during last night's ceremony. Blanchett touched Winslet's belly, and now everyone's knitting baby booties.

Maybe Kate Winslet is pregnant. Maybe she isn't. Maybe Blanchett is just a touchy-feely person. Maybe the ladies were gushing about Leo's win or their love of Thin Mints. Maybe people should respect the fact that Winslet, who is already mom to three children, hasn't made any sort of pregnancy announcement, which means there's nothing to report or she expects privacy. Maybe we should all stop reading into stuff and making clichéd conclusions. Maybe we should give Winslet and her body a break.

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