Were The Comments About Kate Winslet's Body Necessary?

Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage.
Kate Winslet is known for her memorable roles and making us all jealous of her best friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Of course, the E! red carpet commentators were more interested in talking about her body and the number of years she has walked the earth.

During E!'s red-carpet preview, which was hosted by Ashley Graham, Kris Jenner, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and Giuliana Rancic, one of the panelists felt it was appropriate to focus not on Winslet's prodigious talent, but her larger-than-a-size-O frame.

“Her curves look incredible in that dress and the fact that she’s showing them off at her age," Graham said. "I love that."

Graham is the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, so she does often have to talk about body image and body size, but to praise Winslet for "showing off" her "curves" "at her age" is ridiculous. At her age? In case you forgot, Winslet is 40. But even if she was 70, it would still be an inane line of thinking.

Red-carpet interviewers have already been criticized in the past for asking women superficial questions about their appearance — it would have been nice to see that improve this year.

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