Thousands Of Sharks Are Here (Just In Time For Spring Break)

A show of hands: Who’s already planning a spring break getaway? After this brutal winter, we couldn’t be more on the same page. But if you're thinking of heading to the Florida coast, you might want to reconsider — if you have a fear of sharks, that is. According to CBS, there are currently at least 12,000 blacktip sharks swarming the warm waters of southern Florida, from Miami to Jupiter Inlet. And that's just the ones that are visible. How’s that for a buzzkill?
But before you freak out, there is some good news. Experts say the sharks aren’t considered to be a huge threat; they're just migrating for the season, and have little to no interest in humans. In fact, blacktips are actually pretty skittish and afraid of people. But they might just throw a wrench in your snorkeling or jet-skiing plans.
The blacktip sharks typically hang out in the region from January to the end of March and leap in and out of the water, similar to dolphins. Experts still advise that you use caution, of course, and refrain from harassing them (duh). But if you’re itching to get up close and personal with a shark, maybe this is your chance.

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