Kendall Jenner Wants YOU To Rock The Vote This Election Year

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Update: This story has been revised to include comments from Rock the Vote. The Rock the Vote campaign has some serious star power this election season. Kendall Jenner has teamed up with the Independent Journal Review and Rock the Vote, the famous nonprofit organization that encourages young people to vote, in a new campaign video released Tuesday. Jenner may not be the first person to come to mind when you think of U.S. politics, but if there's anyone who can make young people care about something, it's a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Her older sister Kim once brought attention to the centennial of the Armenian genocide, and has posted more than one selfie with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Jenner reportedly makes as much as $300,000 per Instagram post, so she's a great choice for selling things — even the importance of voting — to millennials. "Everyday we vote, we're able to express our opinions online with 'Likes' and hashtags," Jenner said in a statement on Rock the Vote's website. "But it hasn't always been that easy, especially for women." In an emailed statement, Rock the Vote told Refinery29 that Jenner is a natural fit for the campaign, because she "has a powerful voice and is a leader in the eyes of many young girls across the country." The organization also explained the styling choices made in the video. "Styling [Jenner] as Rosie the Riveter was a great way to share Rosie's story and values with younger generations," Rock the Vote told Refinery29. "Rosie stands for things that are still relatable to women today — gender equality and wage equality are issues that are critical to women who will vote in this year's presidential election." If you don't keep up with the Kardashian-Jenners, she still has a point. Women and people of color fought hard for their right to vote — and now that you have it, you should exercise that right this election season. If you aren't registered to vote yet, you can register online through Rock the Vote's website.

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