“President Sanders”? Not Yet.

The following clip could potentially induce some intense second-hand embarrassment. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, recently spoke about her mom's rival for the Democratic ticket, Bernie Sanders, while campaigning for her in Eden Prairie, MN. But instead of calling Sanders "Senator," she dubbed him "President." Someone is getting an angry-face emoji from Mom.
Clinton tried to recover saying, "I hope not 'President Sanders!'" During other campaign stops, Chelsea has been sharply critical of Sanders and his platform. In January, she said that the Vermont senator would "dismantle Obamacare," an untrue statement that drew widespread criticism. The moment will surely be immortalized on YouTube and analyzed in think pieces on Freudian slips. Maybe Chelsea should start looking into apologetic Mother's Day gifts. Nothing says, "I'm sorry for subliminally implanting the image of your opponent as president in voters' minds" like a wine club membership. (The Hill)

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