Watch This Tutorial Before Heading To The Movies This Weekend

Elizabeth Bennet had enough to deal with during her 19th-century English upbringing. Throw a bunch of undead individuals into the mix, and a whole new batch of problems comes to life. This plot twist probably wasn't what Jane Austen intended, but it's one we were all grateful for in 2009, when author Seth Grahame-Smith published the book parody. And today, that work of fiction — Pride and Prejudice and Zombies — is coming to the big screen. We may not fully understand the premise behind this film, but there's one thing that did impress us: the part-period, part-horror hair and makeup transformations. And YouTube vlogger Casey Holmes just made it easy to copy them at home. (Halloween is only 268 days away, people.) In a partnership with Regal Cinemas, Holmes shows us how to re-create a toned-down version of Lily James, the lead actress in the movie. Down to the pale skin and hungover-like eyes, you too can channel your inner walking dead with this easy-to-follow breakdown. The results aren't nearly as gory as the creepy depictions we're used to seeing, but you've got a pretty good chance of fitting in with the prim and proper folks from the English countryside with this interpretation. Sure, there's also a chance of scaring off your real-life Mr. Darcy if you wear the look IRL, but frankly, who gives a damn? Check out the video above, and let us know in the comments if you plan on "zombifying" yourself this weekend.

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