Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 14 Recap: Who’s Under The Mask?

We spent the last five-and-a-half seasons of Pretty Little Liars wondering "who's under the mask?" And I'm not sure we ever had that question answered. But now we have a new masked villain to wonder about. We will call him or her "B." "B" has moved beyond wearing a creepy, exact replica of Ali's (Sascha Pieterse) face, and instead found a creepy old man mask to wear all over town. What do we know about "B" so far? This person has collected all of "A's" previous belongings, looks pretty legit in a blue hotel worker costume, has access to a private driver, likes to watch people through their windows, and has proclaimed that he or she does not like to "hide in the shadows." So who is this person in plain sight? Well, the prime suspect tonight was none other than Aria's dad. Yes, Mr. Montgomery (Chad Lowe) is back. Mr. Montgomery has an interesting track record. He cheated on his wife with one of his students, bribed Ali to stay quiet about his affair, took the whole family to another country right after Ali's murder, and allowed his girlfriend to drug and attack his daughter without ever apologizing. To call him shady would be an understatement. Plus, Ezra (Ian Harding) saw him doing something sketchy the night of Charlotte's (Vanessa Ray) murder. Mr. Montgomery is clearly not "B" — that reveal would be way too early. So, the real question is, who is he covering for? Mike (Cody Christian)? Mike's ex-girlfriend, Mona (Janel Parrish)? Mrs. Montgomery (Holy Marie Combs)? His creepy ex-student ex-girlfriend? We didn't figure out those answers, but we do have some questions. Here are the 10 biggest from tonight's episode.
1. The writers didn't think we deserved any time to get used to Spaleb? Were they like, "Yes, let's just have them start the episode with them in bed." At least there wasn't any weird hand holding.
2. What is up with the new emoji in the texts from "B?"
3. Finally they realized the obvious — they can TEXT "B" back. Are they going to do more than just text the number? Will they actually give the number to the police? Nah.
4. Mr. Montgomery! Seriously, since when are murder and reunion synonyms?
5. Why would Ezra disappear after being accused of murder?
6. If the Phillips file is that big — how big is the Hastings file? The Hastings have been involved in basically every sketchy thing that has ever happened in Rosewood.
7. Did Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) hook up with the opponent as well? "It's A Small World" was actually written about Rosewood. (Spoiler: He didn't.)
8. Why is Hanna (Ashley Benson) letting Jordan (David Coussins) come to town? Last time they were stalked by a member of the alphabet (cough "A" cough), their significant others were the prime targets.
9. WAIT: Toby is dating the opponent's daughter, Yvonne (Kara Royster)?! Why does Rosewood have to be so small?
10. Toby is building a house for this new girl?
11. How can Toby be sad about Caleb dating Spencer (Troian Bellisario) if he's building a house for a new girl? Has he never watched The Notebook? Building a house for someone is the sign of undying love.
12. Ezra golfs?! That is maybe the most uncharacteristic thing that has ever been written into this show.
13. They think Mr. Montgomery is the suspect of murder again? How is it possible that we've already
repeated two of our previous red herrings — Toby and Mr. Montgomery?
14. I know the lair is back and all, but how is "B" able to listen into all of their conversations again? How many tech masterminds can live in one town?
15. How is Hanna not suspicious that now that she's staying in Lucas' (Brendan Robinson) apartment, people can hear her conversations as they happen? Seems a bit convenient to me.
16. Did that text to Spencer say "he will never put a ring on your finger?" Uhm, Spencer and Toby broke up years ago. When exactly was he supposed to propose?
17. Did Toby not propose because he saw Spencer?
18. Who was the old man in blue staring at Emily (Shay Mitchell) through the window?
19. Why aren't they closing the blinds yet? It's a lot harder for someone to stalk you if they can't see you.
20. Mr. Montgomery was never around and dated a psycho that he allowed to torture Aria as a kid. And now he suddenly cares about Aria's safety? He cares about Charlotte?
21. "Why is it so easy to fall into old habits?" This line could apply to their lying, as much as it could to Spencer and Toby flirting. Why didn't they learn about lying the last time around?
22. "Why is it so easy to track down that signal." Because it's going to lead you into a TRAP. How are they underestimating "B?"
23. NO! Why would they go into another abandoned room/storage unit and open the trash can left in the middle of the room? This feels exactly like the barrel left in the empty room Hanna and Caleb found a couple seasons ago.
24. We never found out what was in the last barrel. So whose body was creepily shoved in there? How long do we have to wait to find out that mystery?
25. Of course Mr. Montgomery is missing the nine iron in his golf clubs. It's too early in this mystery for it to be him, so who is he covering for? Mike Montgomery? I hope so. I really miss Mike and Mona, couple of the year.
26. The parents get an interesting role this year — Mr. Montgomery is scheming and Ms. Marin (Laura Leighton) is stealing security footage. What is Mr. Hastings (Nolan North), a.k.a. the shadiest parent of all, doing?
27. Why haven't we seen Mona since the hearing? She weirdly came to the release of Charlotte and then just vanished?
28. Oh, the creepy old man is actually someone just being creepy in an old man mask. Who is wearing the mask?
29. When is Toby going to punch Caleb? I really could have sworn it would have been this episode. Guess we have a lot of relationship drama coming up.

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