Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes To Send Your Single Pals

The bad news: Valentine's Day is once again rearing its ugly head. The good news: This year, it falls on a Sunday, which means you're less likely to spend a workday feigning awe at your office mate's annual receipt of long-stemmed red roses with baby's breath. Hell, if you play your cards right, you could even sleep through the entire day in a hungover stupor.
Or, just say screw it and grab your best friend for Sunday morning mimosas, laugh at the couples paying for their marked-up meals, and take turns reciting President Whitmore's "Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!" quote. Just a thought.
However you plan to spend the day, know that being single doesn't make you any "less than." You can hook up with anyone you want. You can take off or stay out all night without having to clear it with anyone. You can hog your bed like you're Kate Winslet on that damn raft. You can celebrate your solo status with these self-deprecating memes. Trust us: They're far more entertaining than the mariachi serenade your ex planned last year.

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