The Most Annoying Types Of Facebook Posts, By State

We've all got that one kind of Facebook post that irks us to no end. For some, it's political rants. To you, it may be your college roommate's endless stream of baby photos. Social media marketing firm Rantic polled 10,000 people across the U.S. and found out which kind of posts are most irritating to each state's inhabitants.
Image: Courtesy Rantic.
By and large, the biggest nagging Facebook post is when people overshare about personal problems. California, New York, and Texas all just hate that. In southern states and Washington, selfies are the most annoying kind of post. And a smattering of East Coasters and Oregonians just can't stand the constant baby updates. We're not sure which category that Be Like Bill meme falls under. Interestingly, the survey results weren't too different for men versus women. The majority of people (62% of men, 67% of women) dislike when friends post about personal problems. But with elections coming up in November, we'd bet money that political rants are going to start creeping up on the annoyance polls, too. The good news is, no matter what irritates you, at least nowadays it's really easy to manage what you see in your feed — and hide those annoying posts so you can get some peace.

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