20 Of The Most Gorgeous Dresses From Couture Fashion Week

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.
By the time a couture dress hits the catwalk, we almost want to cheer it down the runway. We've seen all the work that goes into the dizzying (and mesmerizing) amount of detail. We know all the hours needed to be clocked in at the atelier in order to create these literal pieces of art. We've shed a single, proud tear after following Raf Simons' journey to his first couture collection for Dior in Dior and I (despite having zero involvement from the comfort of our couches).

Point is, haute couture is a totally different ball game, one we love to follow and obsess over biannually — and not just for the craftsmanship it represents. It's also the kind of fashion that elicits a visceral, emotional reaction. It stops us in our tracks, so we're left having to pick our jaws up from the floor and try to make up a missed deadline. (That last one was just me? Okay, cool.)

The process is traditional, but the presentation is in tune with the #squadgoals of our times; the final looks give us unrealistic bridal expectations, or makes us envy a very chic baby's wardrobe. Plus, the dresses are just pretty. Ahead, check out 20 looks that made us go OMG in Paris this week.

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