HALT EVERYTHING: Intermix Is Giving You $150 To Spend Right Now — No Strings Attached

Update: As of 2:00 p.m., the code TAKE150 is now invalid. Intermix has kindly informed us the code was originally intended for a select set of customers experiencing delayed refunds for prior purchases. We knew a sale of this scale was too good to be true, but you can still shop a ton of style steals from the brand’s regular sale page. There are some Gchats from friends you do not ignore — even if you're at work, even if you're in a meeting, even if it's your turn to present. Because sometimes, this Gchat will tell you that Intermix is currently offering a $150 discount off any full-price item, and everyone in your meeting will halt everything, and go on a quickie shopping spree. Thank you, Gchat buddy. Also, Rebecca, Julie, Ana, and Amanda would like to thank you. While the site is running pretty slowly (bear with it, and remember the refresh button is your best friend), we assure you the sale is legit. Placing your cursor over the "My Bag" tab shows a tiny message in red alerting you to the $150 discount on a full-priced purchase. When you get to checkout, use the code TAKE150. Voila, seriously, that's all you have to do. There's literally no restrictions besides that the contents of your cart have to be full-priced, and cost more than $150. So those almost-$300 bleached Alexander Wang mom jeans can now be yours for only $145. Or, you know, you could use it on these $160 APL shoes, and take them home for the low, low price of TEN DOLLARS. It's worth it to note that Intermix is offering a much more traditional sale on the site, but we all know the true wins come from somehow scoring deals on full-price, current-season collections. A few things to note: It doesn't seem like there are any restrictions to how many times you can use this code with the same email address, so feel free to check out once for each item. Also, a few people have said that the site isn't working in Safari (but is working in Chrome and Internet Explorer). So far, it doesn't seem like a site glitch a la Balenciaga, and all shoppers have had email confirmations that their purchases have gone through — and fingers crossed that we all don't wake up tomorrow morning with a sad refund email in our inboxes.
In the spirit of goodwill, chill vibes, and happy feelings, please leave tips, suggestions, and hacks in the comments if you figured anything out — shoppers unite!

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