Dolls Have Gotten A LOT Weirder Since You Were A Kid

In a lot of ways, dolls have been improving over the last few years. Some are now created with different illnesses and disabilities to help kids facing those challenges feel less alone. But, some dolls filling toy store shelves today are, well, pretty odd.
Every decade has a few unsettling toys. What's Her Face still haunts the dreams of '90s kids. And My Size Bride Barbie is begging for its own horror movie. Kids today can play with the creepiest possible princesses and mythical creatures that got the Frankenstein treatment. Really, these dolls won't be any more scarring than watching Tamagotchis die over and over. But if you still don't want to pick one up for your niece, you can probably still get a Kirsten or Samantha on eBay.

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