These Jeggings Will Moisturize Your Legs While You’re Wearing Them

Photo: Courtesy of Guess.
Denim has been around so long, undergone so many innovations, and been cool in so many different forms, that you could probably wear the most ridiculous pair of dungarees, and no one would even bat an eye. In a world where jeans can cost anywhere from $20-$200, are equipped with pockets that charge your phone, and can be delivered via room service, the trick is to come up with a style that actually solves a real-world problem (while also making your butt look good, of course). And one annoyance most of us can agree on is dry, winter legs. That's where moisturizing jeggings come into play. Guess' new line of Jeancare denim is infused with gingko extract and vitamin E nutrients, and release a lavender scent with every wear. My — what is that delightful smell? "It's my legs, obviously." Now, it's probably too soon to tell what that means for doing laundry (and the actual stickiness factor), but for those of us who wouldn't mind cutting out the extra leg work required for supple skin during some pretty harsh weather conditions, this does make a lot of sense. That being said, what would make it even more genius was if Guess had done it first: Wrangler actually released its own version of the moisturizing jean in 2013. For $128 a pop, they're a little bit pricier than a typical non-cream-doused pair of Guess jeans. And depending on your gams, a non-greasy leg moisturizer that does the trick all day long could run you anywhere between $12-$265. So, you do the math: Are they worth it?

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