There’s Something…Different About Kendall Jenner

Rarely does an Instagram post require a double take. A clever meme may make us laugh here and there, a cutesy photo may spur a double-tap — if the creator is lucky. But a recent post from Kendall Jenner just elicited one of those few and far between "scroll down, then scroll back up" reactions. And not just because it's sideways. No, it wasn't her model-off-duty hair, bold brows, or minimalist makeup that caught our attention. Look a little closer, and you'll notice that the 20-year-old's usually brown eyes have transformed into a mysterious blue-gray shade — one that perfectly complements her sweater. No word on whether this switch-up is the result of Photoshop or colored contacts, but we've been seeing the latter a lot lately. Selena Gomez dressed up her deep-chocolate irises in a similar blue-gray color for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Nicki Minaj wears a lighter set of contacts fairly frequently. Both Kylie and Kim have experimented with eye-color changes before, so maybe Kourtney and Khloé are next?! Regardless, we're all for (safely!) experimenting every now and then. We're just not sure these out-of-this-world eye makeovers will ever cease being, as Kendall so aptly put it, "trippy," to us.

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