Kylie Jenner Needed A Security Guard To Free Her From Her Cartier Bracelet

Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images.
Kylie and her Cartier collection, during happier times.
Of all the ways you can peer into Kylie Jenner's life these days — her family's reality show, Instagram, her namesake app — Snapchat offers the most #nofilter moments. These range from a behind-the-scenes look at her many enterprises to carpool sing-alongs — and that not-so-glamorous time she unsuccessfully tried to free herself from a Cartier Love bracelet. Yes, really. Kylie's penchant for designer accessories (and specifically, those iconic Love bracelets) turned on her yesterday: The youngest Jenner needed the assistance of a Cartier boutique's security guard (and a tiny screwdriver) to remove one of the luxury bracelets, which are intended to be locked onto one's wrist by the loved one (very generously) gifting the Cartier piece. A friend of Jenner's recorded the whole ordeal on the reality star's Snapchat. In the video, Jenner shakes her head as she explains why the security guard is taking a screwdriver to her wrist, where the Carter bangle lives. "This bracelet has been stuck on for, like, four years," Jenner says, "and no one at the store can get it off — not even the security."
The saga continued on Jenner's friend's account, as People StyleWatch noted.

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But, as Huffington Post points out, the Cartier Love arm party is intended to be lifelong, though the bracelet does come with a tiny screwdriver if you choose to remove yourself from the trap of luxury. However, Jenner has indeed been spotted on the red carpet in the piece for the better part of 2015. Jenner and her sisters have long been amassing Cartier bracelets, which start at $6,300. Kylie's Love bangle love arguably reached its peak in the May 2015 issue of Teen Vogue, when she was photographed in what Yahoo estimates to be about $50,000 worth of bangles. She's posted pictures and was often photographed during happier times with Love bracelets on both arms. Oh, what a problem to have.

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