Kylie Released Her New Lip Kit Shades & They Promptly Sold Out

In news that surprises no one: Kylie Jenner sneakily released her new Lip Kit shades to the public today and, naturally, they promptly sold out. What did surprise us? The young Jenner seems to have changed her Lip Kit Instagram account name to Kylie Cosmetics, which reaffirms our suspicions that her bout as beauty entrepreneur probably won't halt at lip products. Update February 4, 2016: After what seems like months of teasing (a quick shot of a red lip here, black-and-white swatches there), Kylie Jenner finally caved and revealed her entire new Lip Kit collection on Snapchat this afternoon. In addition to showing what the box and kit will look like, she swiped all the new shades on her friend's arm — including what we know to be Posie K (a mauve pink) and Mary Jo (a dark red), as well as a deep chocolate, a soft brown, and two new nude shades. Have you ever seen something more perfect? (No, seriously, how did she get those swatches so painstakingly rectangular?)

This story was originally published on January 7, 2016.
Ever since Kylie Jenner launched her first collection of Lip Kits back in November (which promptly sold out), we've been waiting with bated breath for the young star's next move. Would she expand the shade range? Include metallic colors? Launch a contouring palette? Take over the world? Well, we just got our answer — and unfortunately, it's a total tease. Jenner just revealed swatches of all the new shades on her Snapchat. One problem? The pictures and videos are all in black-and-white. WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS, KYLIE?
But not all is lost. From these cryptic messages, we can decipher a few important things. 1) There are potentially 10 new shades (plus what we assume are matching liners) coming down the pipeline. 2) They are allegedly "so bomb," according to Jenner. 3) A couple of them have a glossy texture, meaning they are either still drying on her skin or possibly...metallic! 4) Do we spy shimmer on the shade closest to her fingers? 5) There's a nice range of very light to extremely dark colors. Now, someone figure out some technicolor magic on these videos so we can know the answers once and for all.

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