What Real Women In Tech Think Of Lady-Targeted Gadgets

Each year in the first week of January, tech companies congregate at CES in Las Vegas to show off their newest products. We're here to show you what's cool, what's interesting, and what's going to change your life in the year to come.
“It’s more difficult to do a good product for women than it is for men.”
Or at least it is according to Stephane Marceau, the CEO and cofounder of OMsignal, a smart clothing company. OMsignal just announced its first product for women this week, an exercise tracking smart bra called the OMbra. A female team led and designed the OMbra to ensure it matched the aesthetic and functional requirements of a good sports bra, while providing a valuable digital experience for the user.
Women are an increasingly important market for gadget makers. Nielsen estimates women will control two-thirds of consumer wealth over the next 10 years, and spend five to fifteen trillion dollars annually. Tech companies such as OMsignal have realized this, and are racing to perfect products for us. Some are doing a good job, and are truly taking into account a woman's actual wants and needs when it comes to design and features. Others are little more than a shoddy attempt at pink washing. And then there are the strange ones — just, strange.
We rounded up six of the most notable new women-focused products coming out this year, and asked some of our favorite tech writers to share their thoughts.

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