These Women Lost Their Eyebrows Trying This New Trend

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Today's lesson? Only attempt a trend if you really know what you're doing. That's what the ladies over at BuzzFeed learned the hard way when they tried glitter brows — and subsequently lost chunks of hair during removal. This video is a pretty harrowing reminder not to always trust what you see on the 'net — especially when it's a tutorial from someone who's not a pro makeup artist. So what went wrong? The women applied the glitter with eyelash glue, a big no-no. "Lash glue is made of latex, which is designed to be adhered to skin and not hair," says makeup artist Ricky Wilson. "If this isn't removed properly, it will take out hair along with the glitter and/or crystals." Wilson suggests using oil to remove the glue, since it helps break down the latex, but do it carefully. Wilson also suggests spraying a bit of hairspray on the brows before tapping on the glitter. And according to makeup artist Rommy Najor (who, as a matter of fact, was the man behind our own glitter guide this past holiday season), you should reach for a water-soluble glue instead. (If you're down to try the trend, that is.) Believe it or not, Najor suggests Elmer's. "It's actually what drag queens have been using for decades to block out their eyebrows," he says. Since it's water-soluble, just a little soap and water will get the stuff right off — not the acetone that one of the girls in the video (totally unsafely) attempted. Or, you can go another route and just paint liquid glitter eyeliner onto your brows. We tried that, and we're happy to report our model walked away with her arches intact. Check out the video below, as a beauty cautionary tale. And remember, kids — no makeup look is worth losing your brows over.

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