15 Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Celebrities

Oh, to be a a beauty-product namer and spend your days thinking of hilarious color puns (Blue My Mind, anyone?) and quippy monikers that occasionally make us crack up (or feel rage). It may seem trivial, but product naming plays a big role in a product's success. Some have even become household names, like Nars Orgasm and Essie Bikini So Teeny.
But as fun as witty sobriquets for nail polishes, lipsticks, and the like can be, creative directors and product namers have long turned to celebrities for inspiration and to evoke a bit more gravitas than a one-and-done Rebellious Red or Bold Blue.
As it turns out, there are a ton of products named after celebrities, past and present, that you may not have even known existed. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorites.

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