Vladimir Putin Is A Huge Donald Trump Fan

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/AP Photo.
Many public figures have been quick to distance themselves from Donald Trump after the 2016 GOP presidential candidate said that the United States should ban all Muslims from entering the country. But one notable leader has offered words of praise for Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told ABC News that Trump is "a very colorful person," adding that the real-estate-mogul-turned-politician is "talented, without any doubt."

So why the positive words about Trump? Apparently, it has to do with the wealthy businessman's statements on the United States' relationship with Russia.

"He wants to move to a different level of relations, to more solid, deeper relations with Russia," Putin told ABC News. "And how can Russia not welcome that? We welcome that."

Putin also addressed Trump's incendiary statements, saying, "it's not our job to judge them."


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