The Surprising Reason Tina Fey Feels Like A Hypocrite

Photo: Gregory Pace/BEI/Shutterstock.
Tina Fey appeared on The Tonight Show on Monday, and she wasn't afraid to discuss the United States' most hated notorious 2016 presidential candidate.

Fey revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she'd met Donald Trump last month. She'd apparently been tricked into attending the taping of NBC's Christmas special, which featured a performance by Adele at Radio City Music Hall. Fey quipped that she doesn't like leaving her house, and she only went to the taping because she thought Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels wanted her to work at the event.

After the NBC crew told Fey they didn't need her to do anything (except be there), she joined the audience for the show. And she ended up sitting right in front of the rabble-rousing man in question.

"I was the biggest hypocrite of all time," Fey says of her behavior toward Trump at the event. She told Fallon that, like many Americans, she watches Trump's statements on TV and disagrees with him. But when she met him face-to-face, she couldn't help but be nice.

Fey told Fallon that she felt obligated not to be a jerk to Trump because they'd shared the same baby nurse after the births of their children. Apparently, her Sisters costar Amy Poehler — who was there with her — didn't feel the same way, though. Fey said that Poehler shrunk in her seat to avoid interaction with The Donald.

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