And The Most Googled Searches Of 2015 Were...

We've seen what the year looked like in hashtags and in Pinterest searches. But what about the big one: What were the things we googled the most in 2015? Google just released its "Year in Search" data, so now we can learn once and for all which is more popular: The Dress or Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (And you can explore them yourself in the interactive graphic, below.)

The Paris attacks were the most googled term this year. There were more than 897 million searches about Paris following the November 13 shootings. Mostly, people were just trying to figure out what happened — the top searched phrase was: “What happened in Paris?” Other queries centered around identifying who the terrorists were and whether or not it was safe to travel there.

Sports dominated many search queries. The Rugby World Cup, Women's World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and FIFA (the international soccer organization) were all among the top Google search trends.

As for celebrities, Lamar Odom, Caitlyn Jenner, and Ronda Rousey were the top three most searched for names this year. Donald Trump and Ruby Rose rounded out the top five (Rose was also the most searched actress). And in movie-related searches, Jurassic World has been the biggest trending movie, with Fifty Shades of Grey coming in at number four. Star Wars has amassed over 155 million searches ahead of its debut this week, but apparently hasn't cracked the top five yet (but we wonder if it won't snag a top spot before the end of the year).

For a look at Google's full list of top charts for the year, click here.

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