Anonymous Declares Friday “ISIS Trolling Day”

Photo: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images.
Anonymous is about to deploy a new strategy against the Islamic State group — trolling them. The "hactivist" collective has reportedly declared Friday, December 11 "ISIS Trolling Day." In a message posted online, Anonymous called on people to mock the group on social networks, tagging memes and other posts with hashtags like #Daesh, the Arabic acronym for ISIS, and #Daeshbags. "We ask you to show your support and help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them // do not think you have to be part of Anonymous, anyone can do this and does not require special skills," the group said in a post on the file-sharing website Ghostbin, according to CNBC.

vowed to launch "massive cyber attacks" against ISIS after last month's attacks in Paris that left at least 130 dead. ISIS has its own robust social media operation that it uses to spread its message and recruit followers online.

"War is declared," a representative wearing the group's iconic Guy Fawkes mask said in a video posted online last month. "Get prepared." It's not the first time memes have been deployed in the face of terror. Scores of social media users flooded feeds with cat pictures during an anti-terror raid in Belgium last month.

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