Belgians Had The Purrfect Response During Counterterrorism Missions

The internet has found a new purpose for everyone's favorite cat memes: providing cover for counterterrorism missions.

On Sunday, authorities in Brussels took to Twitter to request a social-media blackout on news related to a series of raids staged in response to the deadly attacks in Paris and the ongoing terror threat faced by the region.

Social-media users in Belgium and beyond responded to that request in the cutest way possible, as multiple news outlets have noted, by flooding feeds with the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown along with photos and videos of cats.
While we were all busy scrolling through the cat pictures, authorities took at least 21 people into custody, the Associated Press reported. A key suspect connected to the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, remains at large.

Authorities in Belgium served up a purrfect thank you for the cat-filled cooperation.

"To all the cats who helped us last night: help yourselves! #BrusselsLockdown," federal police tweeted.
Belgium, meanwhile, remains on high alert following the terror attacks in Paris that left at least 130 dead. A lockdown in the city of Brussels is entering its third day.

Opener image: Photographed by Winnie Au.

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