Hipster Santa Is Here

If you've ever spent any time near a mall Santa Claus, you know at least 50% of small children who are plopped on the lap of a white-bearded, red-clad stranger will immediately burst into tears. But a St. Nick stand-in in Portland, OR, might have found the solution — donning a more familiar chunky sweater and a man bun. Hipster Santa is very much a reality. Kids who really needed a Kris Kringle who would understand their need for a toy car that runs on vegetable oil could hand their list off to Hipster Santa three Thursday nights this December at downtown Portland's Pioneer Place. It should also be noted that this Father Christmas rides a bike — which probably features a spacious basket and a whimsically painted bell.

Or course, some questions about this new take on the jolly old elf are still unanswered: Are his candy canes organic? Would he prefer almond milk with his cookies? And if you're naughty, what does he leave behind instead of environment-killing coal?
Opener Photo: Getty Images.

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