The Year In Unexpected Apologies

When you live your life in the public eye, it’s really only a matter of time before you make a mistake that millions of people will see. This is often something negligible, like a wardrobe malfunction or accidentally tripping over your own two feet. Other times, it’s something more significant, like an interview where you say something that offends hordes of other, mostly non-famous people. Hence, the institution known as the Celebrity Apology.
Every year, we bear witness to this very public eating of crow. And in 2015, many of the mea culpas came from unexpected stars. While it’s not surprising to see Justin Bieber beg forgiveness for, you know, being a paragon of indecency, it’s pretty shocking when Taylor Swift has to make amends in front of her millions of Twitter followers. Ahead, the most memorable apologies of the year.

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