Star Wars Is Massively Improved By Adding Cats

Princes Leia and her fluffy kitty. #griz #grizandnorm #kittycatclub #starwars #fanart #princess #leia #fluffy #cat #kitty

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens
sent fans into a frenzy in 2015. Griselda and Normand Lemay were also swept into the Star Wars tornado. The couple, who go by Griz and Norm, both work as Disney animators. Griz is as a visual development artist and character designer while Norm is a storyboard artist. After they purchased their tickets for the latest installment of the popular Star Wars franchise, Griz and Norm put their artistic skills to use. They created amazing illustrations of Star Wars characters hanging with some futuristic cats.
There's Princess Leia with a fluffy white kitten. Padme Amidala was gifted a black cat with haunting yellow eyes. Rey got a chic spotted Bengal. Even the Star Wars droids were given their own cats.
When you're as talented as Griz and Norm, creating viral imagery is just another day at the office.

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