Cara Delevingne's Sports Bra Says A Mouthful

Cara Delevingne certainly isn't one to mince words, as you're probably aware. If not, this recent outfit makes that abundantly clear. While grabbing a nosh with her girlfriend St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) in London on Thursday, Delevingne wore a taxicab-yellow bralette emblazoned with quite the phrase. "I'd call you a c*nt but you don't have the depth or the warmth," reads the bra. The very frank (or "obscene," in The Daily Mail's words) phrase is partially covered, but not fully obscured, by Delevingne's hot-pink, mesh V-neck shirt.

Maybe those were some choice words for the super-creepy paparazzo, a "disgusting so-called human," in Delevingne's words, who tried to snap a picture up the star's skirt just one day prior. The model-turned-actress has been quite vocal on Twitter in the past about aggressive photographers. This getup should hopefully stave off totally unwanted (and unacceptable) behavior from the paps, or anyone else, in the future. Though it may not be the best sports bra to throw on for a jaunt to the gym...

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