Teens Are Trying The "Condom Challenge" Because The Internet

It all started with this video, titled "Japanese Condom Head Challenge."

We see two men standing in a bathroom; one is holding a clear, balloon-like object filled with water over the other's head. The balloon drops, and we get a ridiculous visual of the guy's head inside a condom-made fishbowl.
This is the condom challenge. After the trend made it to the top of Reddit a few days ago, teens around the world are trying it out β€” because yes, it looks insane. (Interestingly enough, many tweets are recommending that you don't try this yourself. We recommend listening to them.)
Turns out, when a condom filled with water drops on your head, it doesn't always break. Instead, it sticks to the back of your head, drapes over your face, and makes it look like your head is swimming in a fishbowl.
It's not exactly the smartest thing to do, and it's definitely resulted in a lot of fails. Case in point:
Nevertheless, it doesn't look like the condom challenge will die down anytime soon. To be honest, putting rubber over your face really sounds like a terrible move. There are so many "what if"s running through our brains right now. Airtight seals over mouths and noses? Yikes.

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