Uh Oh, Time To Change Your Amazon Password

Photo: Courtesy Amazon.
If you live and die by Amazon Prime, there may be a small kink in your upcoming shopping plans. Apparently, Amazon notified some customers that their passwords may have been compromised this week.

Amazon hasn't been hacked; rather, it's saying that passwords may have been stored or transmitted insecurely, ZDNet reported Tuesday morning. This could have potentially exposed passwords to third parties. Amazon went ahead and reset the passwords of the affected users. At this time, it's unclear how many folks Amazon emailed, or what platform (its iOS app or Android app?) was the source of the issue.

The good news is that Amazon is being both forthright and proactive in this situation: It's much better to have users change their passwords, just in case, rather than leave them vulnerable to possible fraud or identity theft. After all, one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year is almost upon us — Amazon wants you to feel confident and secure in using its app or website for those purchases.

If you haven't gotten an email from Amazon, you should be in the clear. But it's always a good idea to change your passwords periodically, just to be on the safe side.

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