How Levi’s Is Helping You Clean Out Your Closet

Photo: Courtesy of Levi Strauss.
Levi's is adding a karmic kick to its e-comm experience and helping you clean out your closet in the process. As part of the denim brand's partnership with Goodwill this holiday season, online shoppers on, as well as Levi's-owned, can fill the boxes that their new threads arrived in with old clothing and shoes to donate to Goodwill. It's an extension of Goodwill's Give Back Box program, which makes it not only easy (you already have a box that your new threads came in) but free to donate old clothes to those in need, since shipping for sending your donations is paid for by the charitable organization. Goodwill won't just get your closet castoffs; Levi's will also be donating $5 per box to Goodwill, and on December 1, a.k.a. "Giving Tuesday," the brand will double that donation to $10 a box. Levi's will donate up to $50,000 to Goodwil (and a minimum of $25,000) in an effort to help the organization create more jobs. "This holiday season, we want to give our fans an opportunity to support their local community when they shop on and’s a win for online shoppers, the community, and the planet," Marc Rosen, head of global e-commerce at Levi Strauss & Co., said in a statement. Levi's isn't the only brand to implement a closed-loop initiative, and Levi's actually already has a partnership with textile recycling company I:CO which gives customers 20%-off vouchers when they drop off an item in-store. Other brands that are incentivizing clothing donations these days include Madewell, American Eagle, The North Face, Patagonia, and H&M. But Levi's pair-up with Goodwill sort of keeps the focus more on actually helping others beyond the donated duds, thanks to that $5 to $10 donation per box, instead of providing discounts to lure you into buying new clothing. But hey, when doing good is as easy as offloading those neglected pieces in your closet — in a box that just delivered you some fresh jeans — that's a great reason to click "buy."

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