What Instagram Beauty Trends Actually Look Like

Photographed by Christine Hahn.
These days, we're just as likely (if not more) to find beauty trends we love on social media as through traditional means, like magazines or TV — and Instagram seems to be the number-one place for inspiration. From pastel-hair pics to overdrawn-lip selfies, the photo-sharing app is a veritable playground for beauty lovers to show off the fun they're having with their looks and for others to find new ideas to try out. But do these "lewks" actually translate to real life? Jennifer Still of Style.Mic decided to find out by trying out six Instagram-perfect trends for herself. Still took septum rings, pastel hair, false lashes, over-lined lips, Korean sheet masks, and complicated braids for a whirl — and let's just say the results weren't always 'gram-worthy. "Some things truly only look good under 900 Instagram filters or with serious skill — that many of us, myself included, don't have," she writes. Click over to Mic to see how Still's experiment went. And remember: Not everything is always as gorgeous as it seems — especially on Instagram. (Style.Mic)

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