This App Will Make Adulting So Easy This Holiday Season

No matter the season or occasion, we've always been advocates of the handwritten, hand-sent card. You can call us old-fashioned, but we prefer to say we're classy. But we're also busy, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, squeezing in that classiness is easier said than done. (We don't know about you, but the list of people who actually end up getting handwritten cards from us seems to shrink every year — and our great-aunt Irma won't let us forget last year's infraction, either.)
Luckily, greeting card app Punkpost has updated just in time for our list of recipients to expand comfortably. Built on a foundation of craftier-than-thou artists, Punkpost prints, decorates, and sends out real cards — complete with real, human handwriting — for you. It's an easy alternative to rushing through cards for those people who fall a little lower on your list (again, sorry Irma). And as we'd expect from app with "punk" in its name, the missives look appropriately hip. For those of you who like to really go above and beyond, you can even opt to include a friendly confetti bomb.
Click ahead to check out some of our favorite holiday designs from Punkpost, and to get the details on how it works. Maybe, with the help of technology, we can keep our old-fashioned leanings alive and well.

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